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Choosing your preferred workshops:

You will firstly be required to select SIX workshops to attend on day one.

  • Attendees new to Regional Anaesthesia and US are required to attend workshops 1 and 2.
  • Attendees with some previous experience of Regional Anaesthesia and US select any six of the ten Workshops to attend, though it is recommended that they attend the Level II and “Ask the Expert” workshops (workshops 3-10).

Level I Workshops (For Attendees New to RA and US):

1. Technology, Image Generation, Probe Handling and Needling including opportunities to practise on phantoms

2. Simulated Scenarios

Level II Workshops (For Attendees with Previous Experience in RA & US):

3. Upper Limb – above and around Clavicle

  • Interscalene, Supraclavicular, Infraclavicular Blocks

4. Upper Limb – below Clavicle

  • Axillary Block, Distal Median, Radial, Ulnar Nerve Blocks

5. Abdominal Wall

  • Rectus, TAP, Quadratus Lumborum, Ilioinguinal Blocks

6. Lower Limb

  • Femoral, Fascia Iliaca, Popliteal

“Ask the Expert” Workshops:

7. Neuraxial US

  • Epidural, Lumbar Plexus Blocks

8. Thorax

  • Paravertebral, Serratus, Pec

9. Ankle Blocks

10. Obturator, Adductor, saphenous